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29er Tubeless Tire and Sealant

WTB Bronson 2.2 29er TCS Tires

Great multi part review of the WTB Bronson 2.2 TCS 29er Tires by Guitar Ted. Read it all at Twentynineinches.com.

29er Bike Tire Tire pressure

To determine a starting tire pressure when running NoTubes tires with our ZTR rim use this simple formula.
  • Rider Weight in pounds divided by 7 = x
  • x - 1 = Front tire pressure in PSI
  • x + 2 = Rear tire pressure in PSI
Example: 185lb rider
  • 185/7 = 26.4
  • Front tire pressure: 26 - 1 = 25 PSI
  • Rear tire pressure: 26 + 2 = 28 PSI

29er Tires

29er Tubeless Tire

Looking for some 29er Tubeless Tires? We are lucky to have the choices we do now, back in 2005 the idea of a 29er tubeless tire was a pipe dream!

29er Tire Deals

Cheap 29er Tire Deals:

WTB 29er Kodiak

If you are looking for the latest 29er tire with a monster width than you have to go Niner Bikes. The new WTB Kodiak Tire has a huge tread width of 2.5'". This new tire is Niner Bikes exclusive. The Kodiak is the burliest rubber you can get on your 29er MTB bike. Made with WTB's High Grip DNA™ rubber compound, the tread is specifically designed for fast, gnarly, technical descending. The Inner Peace™ sidewall reinforcement has your back when it comes to pinch flat protection, sidewall stiffness and keeping tire damage to a minimum and finally, the wire bead means better rim retention when you do push the limits of your riding.

29er Tires

Please also check out Shiggy's tire site mtbtires.com for all the latest tire news. We are working on updating the links below, as of 12/02/2009 there are a few broken links.