29er Single Speed

29ers Single Speeds

29er SS Gearing

Here are some basic starting ratios. These are average, middle-of-the-road suggetions. They are not intended to be the perfect answer to your gearing dilema, but rather a starting point if you have no idea where to start otherwise.
  • 26” wheel off-road: 2:1 
  • 700c off-road: 1.75:1 
  • 700c on road: 2.3:1 
Most 29er riders should use a chainring somewhere in the 30s for technical off-road use.
Looking for a 29er Single Speed shipped to your door for under $600? Check out the Se Stout 29er SS below!

Single Speed Gearing 101
29er wheels and Single Speed frames go together like white on rice!

29er Single Speed Goodies

KMC Z410 Single Speed Chain 
29er Single Speed Mountain Bike Chain

Speeds Single Speed
Chain Compatibility 1/2" x 1/8"
Width 9.3 mm
Links 112 links
Colors Pink, Blue, Silver, Gold

Park Tool SS-15 Single Speed Spanner

Park Tool SS-15 Single Speed Spanner
Designed and built especially for single speed bikes, the SS-15 is a forged spanner with a 15mm socket wrench for axle nuts, 15mm open end wrench for pedals, tire lever, and bottle opener. Just the right size and length (17cm/7”) to take along or to wrench in the garage, the SS-15 is destined to be a single speeder’s favorite.


  • 15mm Socket for axle nuts
  • 15mm open end wrench
  • Tire lever
  • Bottle opener
  • All-in-one

  • Single Speed Conversion Kits

    Gusset Single Speed Conversion Kit How do you covert a standard rear 29er wheel into a single speed wheel? Use the Gusset Single Speed Conversion Kit! The kit allows you to simply slide on cog, sandwiched betweent the two spacers and tighten it down with the lockring. The spacers position can be reversed to adjust the chainline. Kit includes 16 and 18 tooth cogs, 14 and 19mm spacers, and a lockring.
    Wheels Manufacturing Singlespeed Kit
    This might be the BEST spacer/conversion kit for singlespeed use on the market! The SSK-3 kit actually creates a "channel" for the chain to run in, preventing it from popping off the cog.
    One 9

    Superfly SS Frameset

    Superfly SS Frameset
    • Frame - Monocoque carbon, G2 29" Geometry, sliding vertical dropouts
    • Suspension - Fox F29 FIT RLC, 80mm travel, custom G2 Geometry 51mm offset crown
    • Price - MSRP $2,089.99

    29er Single Speed Gearing

    Some consider Sheldon Brown’s gear calculator as the one and only, there are others, some are very good. However, I’ll stick with the legend! If you need to determine what your gearing should be on your SS, use Sheldon Brown’s Gear Calculator.

    Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB)

    An Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB) uses an oversized bottom bracket shell that houses a cylinder or "can" with an off-center bottom bracket mounting position. A traditional bottom bracket is then used and the EBB is rotated to bring the chain to the current tension. On major downfall of the EBB is they usually creak.

    29er Single Speed Frames

    Selecting a 29er Single Speed frame is not as simple as you would think. There are a number of choices. You can select a frame that can be geared and single speed. The Surly Karate Monkey is a prime example with Track Fork Ends. Others like Niner Bikes One9 have vertical dropouts like a traditional bike but no derailleur hanger attachment which make it Single Speed only.
    • Niner Bikes One 9

    • One 9The ONE 9 is a SSS (Single Speed Specific) DS (Disc Only) Niner made from EASTON™ GX2 Scandium tubing custom drawn for Niner bikes.
    • Kona Unit

    • Kona UnitThe Kona Unit 2-9 is one of the orignal 29er single speeds.