29er Tubeless Wheelset

29er Tubeless Wheelset

The year 2010 has brought more players to the 29er Tubeless wheels and tires table. Longtime 29er wheel manufacturer American Classic has put their toe into the Tubeless 29er wheel set category. The 2010 American Classic MTB 29 Disc Tubeless is completely new and has a very refined look. The rim is a 32 hole pattern 3-Cross in the Front and Rear. The weight of the wheels is Front 738 grams, Rear 842 grams, and the Pair 1600 grams.

There are many different ways "Tubeless" wheels, rims, and tires are marketed. Regardless of which brand you select, just remember there are pros and cons to the all. A few of the marketing names are below:

Tubeless Standards

Mavic establishment the UST Tubeless Standard by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO). The ETRTO was founded in October 1964 for the alignment of national standards, to achieve interchangeability of pneumatic tires and rims and establish common engineering dimensions, product characteristics and operational guidelines.

29er Tubeless Rims

  • AM Classic MTB Disc Tubeless Aluminum
  • ENVE Composites 29ER XC
  • Reynolds Carbon 29er
  • UST Rims
  • TL28 29er Tubeless Rim

29er Tubeless Tires

What does Tubeless-Ready really mean? Beleive it or not, Tubeless-Ready could mean that you just install the tire on a "Tubeless-Ready" on a "Tubeless" rim. Other "Tubeless-Ready" tires require sealant. Research each different type of several types of 29er Tubeless tires.
Here are a few tubeless 29er tires:

Tire Sealants

Make sure any sealant you use is approved by the maker of the tire. Use of a non-approved sealant could void your warranty.

Tubeless Kits

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