29er Tubeless Tire and Sealant

29er Tire Sealant (Tubeless)

29er Tire Liners

Slime Tire Liners

Thorn flats got you down? Nothing prevents them better than quality tire liners. Slimes are lightweight extruded polyurethane that fit between the tube and tire, preventing thorn, nail, and glass punctures.

29er Tubeless Kits

DT Swiss Tubeless Kit 29 in.
Tubeless conversion kit for DT Swiss M520 or M1800 29er rims.
Velocity Tubeless Conversion Kit

Velocity rim tape for tubeless tires Includes enough tape to cover two 29” rims (10mx 24mm).

Enve Tubeless Kit

Seal off your new set of ENVE wheels with this tubeless kit. Includes: Tape for two rims, enough for both 26” and 29er.

Caffelatex Tubeless Kit (Heavy Duty)

Caffelatex Tubeless Kit (Heavy Duty) Caffelatex is a truly innovative tire sealant and puncture preventive.

Stan20s No Tubes Cyclocross System

No Tubes Cyclocross System The No Tubes Tubeless System will convert your standard tubed tire to a tubeless tire.

Stan20s No Tubes Rim Strip

Price: 22.50
This is the strip with valve only by Stans No Tubes for homebrew tubeless applications.

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